There are many programs you can sponsor.

  • The Olive Branch Food Cup board. 

    • Provides food to the community in affiliation with the Food Share program in PA.​

  • A Branch of Hope Outreach Ministries

    • Local church program to reach out to the homeless ​and offer free clothes, food, prayer and hope.

  • Exousia world wide outreach ministries​

    • Dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ​ with enphasis on Gods power to restore, transform and heal.

  • Chosen Lineage Youth Group​

    • We work closely with the youth to offer spiritual guidance, dicsipline​, instill family values, bible education and much more.

  • Childrens ministry​

    • Sunday bible school education, arts and crafts, Christmas gifts, Back to School drive and much more.​

We are a supporter funded institution. Your generous tax exempt gift allows us to continue operating and making a differance. 

Thank you!

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